Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stargazing: Looking to See

Whether you're using your eyes or a telescope or binoculars, it takes time to see everything you can see.

To see the most, pick details out of faint contrast, or simply enjoy the view takes enough time to relax a bit and soak it in.

That means you have to be able to spend some time doing it. Which is not possible if you're uncomfortable, you or any instruments aren't stable, and if you just don't take the time.

There'll be more to see, and enjoy, in the sky if you give yourself the things you need. Time, comfortable clothing, a good, safe place to observe, well-chosen instruments with the right accessories for basic use, a place to stand, darkness.

It sounds obvious, but I know I've talked myself out of one or more of these at various occasions. I doubt I'm alone.

Dark skies and good seeing.

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